The Cybersecurity Lab (MSES 110A) and the CISD Lab (STEM 207A) were partically founded by Dr. Xingya Liu. It aims at the development of cutting-edge theories and techniques and to apply them to solve real-world cyber issues in softwares, websites, operating systems, user data, mobile apps, cloud/edge/fog computing, existing and next generation networks (5G and beyond, IoT, blockchain), education, criminology, and advanced cyberinfrastructure and trustworthy cyberspace.


  • Smart Spectrum Access for Next-generation Networks
  • Resilient Sensor Networks for Midstream Pipeline
  • IoT-based Interdisciplinary Models and Applications


In particular, the cybersecurity research group has a strong background in software/website/app development, networking protocol, mobile/cloud/edge/fog computing, data analysis, and in solving challenging optimization problems. In the past, we collaborated with experts in engineering, business, socialogy, poublic health, and nursing. In general, we seek collaboration with well respected scientists that work on challenging interdisciplinary problems that have a strong impact on the future of our society. Feel free to contact us: