Thesis Students

  • Manjul Shrestha (M.S., December 2020)
    • Thesis Title: A Bluetooth App-based Self-estimated Infection Model for Airborne-based
      Epidemic Diseases
    • Current Employment: Software Engineer,
  • Udayanga Jayasundara (M.S., December 2019)
    • Thesis Title: An IoT-based Analytical Model for Prediction, Prevention, and Application
      of Heterogeneous Epidemic Diseases
    • Current Employment: Java Backend Engineer, American Express
  • Gregory S. Yera (M.S., December 2018)
    • Thesis Title: Effectiveness of Channel Hopping Techniques at Increasing Location-based
      Service Privacy in Wireless Networks
    • Current Employment: Technical Support Analyst, Sr., Lamar University

RA Students

  • Sanjita Sharma (M.S., May 2020)
    • Current Employment: DevOps Engineer, Verizon
  • Sai Vatsav Nuvvula (M.S., May 2020)
    • Current Employment: Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Palash Bista (M.S., August 2019)
    • Current Employment: Systems Engineer II, Hughes

Selected Graduate Projects

Student Name Project Name Defense Date
Khan M. Sadmaan Shams Application of Topic Modeling using Latent Dirichlet Allocation in MATLAB 2021-05-11
Khan M. Aymaan Shams Designing a Neural Network to Recognize Handwritten Digits 2020-08-05
Sundiya S. Chikalwala
Jannatul Naima
Predicting the Outcome of an NHL Match by using Data Mining Techniques 2020-04-24
Priya Gupta
Abdul Kashif Mohammed
File Sharing platform inspired by Dropbox and Google Doc 2019-05-02
Ravi Teja Gutta Feature Descriptors With Convolutional Neural Networks 2018-04-27
Abhishek Singh Indoor Navigation Using WiFi 2018-04-23