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Department virtual advising and registration videos

Sujing Wang (part 1)

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Paula Gregory

Academic Advising

Academic advising is required for all students.

TB Requirement

TB Requirement - can only be removed by Student Health Center. Please click on this link for what is needed to remove the hold and who to contact if you have questions regarding this:

International Orientation Hold

Please contact the international students office regarding this hold.

CPT and OPT policy

Please see the CPT/OPT policies at :
CPT may be applied for students with at least 18 graduate credit hours. The student must provide an employment letter. CPT can not be taken in final semester. There is an application deadline that student must follow.

ISO Travel Request Policy
Federal law requires international students to be in attendance while school is in session. The University defines school to be in session from the first day of class until the student’s last final exam during any regular semester.

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Policy from Graduate Studies about changing majors as a new incoming graduate student

Graduate Policy Section 3.11 Change of Major.

Graduate students may file a request to change their graduate major after taking at least one long semester of coursework in the degree program of admission.
The request must be made using the G16 form (Request to Change Graduate Major, available at and is subject to qualification review by the Academic departments and Colleges, and the College of Graduate Studies. Approval will be granted only to students who meet the admission requirements of the new program. No students are allowed to take multiple graduate majors except in the dual degree programs that have been approved by Lamar University, including the M.B.A./M.S.-MIS, M.S.A./M.S.-MIS, M.B.A./M.S.A. and M.B.A./M.S.N. programs. Once a student has successfully completed 50% of a graduate program’s credit hour requirements, the change of graduate major must be made through an application to the new degree program at Apply Texas. Financial assistance provided by an academic department is not transferable to other departments. Students who change their major and transfer from one department to another may lose financial assistance. Students who are admitted to a graduate program and who have not yet taken courses in the program to which they have been admitted must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions ( to have their application placed in review for the new major and their previous admission vacated. The request to the Office of Graduate Admissions must be made in a timely manner for a full review by the department of the new major.